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For some reason, the queer community has an astronomically high rate of mental illness (could it be that having your identity marginalized and erased from a young age leads to complicated brain stuff and exasperates existing conditions? Surely not).

Whatever your particular situation, living this radically honest life takes it out of you. Our energy and resources are finite. When a loved one's spoons are tragically low, there's usually not much you can do that's better than listening and holding space for that exhaustion.

Acknowledge that times are hard, offer to bring them a meal, let them know you care. And maybe - just maybe - these colorful spoons can brighten their day just a bit. 

Inside text reads: Wish I could lend you some spoons.
Hand printed with a linoleum block, available in two colorways.

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Spoons Dusk.jpg
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Additional Info

4 1/4" x 5 1/2" (A2)
Image is block printed by hand, variations will occur.
Inside and back text inkjet printed.
Bright pink envelope included.