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Magical Girl Stickers


An anime-inspire sticker sheet, complete with hearts and *sparkles*. 

While absolutely for everyone, these stickers were designed with trans women in mind (well, one in particular. She's my wife.). Because every magical girl needs a good transformation sequence, eh? 

I have a lot of thoughts about why as queers we are drawn to the nerdy and mystical. We crave stories of self-creation and newly imagined possibility. But also, these girls? Are just dang cute. Put them on your computer, notebook, or anywhere else that needs a little more of that queer sparkle magic.

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Magical Girls White.jpg
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Additional Info

Sheet is 8"x8", figures aproximately 4" tall.
Includes 5 figures, 4 hearts, 4 sparkles, one text sticker ("Every Magical Needs A Good Transformation Sequence")
Material is semi-glossy, white polypropylene